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Reception - Spelling

Here are weekly spellings we are beginning to learn in school. You can complete with your Reception child at home, if you wish. It is important to look at the spelling patterns so your child understands why these words are being taught together. It helps to support your child by doing practical activities before and alongside completing the sheets.

Ideas include:

You sounding out the words and your child saying the word.

You saying the word and your child saying the sounds.

You can encourage your child to write the words in paint, shaving foam, on a steamed up window, outside in the mud with a stick, using water outside with a paintbrush, using magnetic letters, with a wax crayon and paint over with coloured water or with chalks.

Cut out squares of paper and write a letter on each one and your child can rearrange the letters to spell the words, this works well with milk bottle tops too. 

Thank you for your support,

Miss Quinn