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Hulland Church of EnglandPrimary SchoolChildren Come First

Welcome toHulland Church of EnglandPrimary SchoolChildren Come First


MORNING WORK (9:00 - 9:30)
PHONICS - YEAR 1 - Follow the link below to the Phonics Hub and start your Phase 4 sessions
PHONICS - YEAR 2 - Follow the link below and start Phase 5 - Week 5 sessions
LUNCH TIME (12:00 - 1:00)

Reading Time (1:00 - 1:30)

Read a story to your child. Listen to your child read their reading book, keywords and sound cards. Please see Reception - Reading Page for more advice and resources.

Class Catch Up

Join us for our weekly TEAMS meeting. This will be a chance to see your friends and let your teacher know how you are getting on.

Please bring anything you would like to share.

Design and Technology - Board Game Task