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Please watch this assembly yourself as preparation for this afternoon's activity and show any parts you feel are helpful to your child to support their understanding of Children's Mental Health Week, this afternoon or on Friday.  Think about the ways they like to express themselves to help them develop their creative egg box for our wellbeing themed challenge this week.
MORNING WORK (9:00 - 9:30)

SESSION 1 - ENGLISH - Please test your child on last weeks spellings and record in their exercise book. Then work through the PowerPoint to learn the new rule and start the Handwriting page.

ENGLISH - Spellings

Please can you test your child on last week's spellings to see how well they have been remembered.  This helps to give your child a reason to learn their spellings.  Please keep this relaxed and if they spell a work incorrectly, just ask your child to copy it correctly to try and help them to remember it.

Please, as always, give praise for effort and trying their best!

After working through the Powerpoint to explaining the new spelling rule to your child.

Then in your child's Handwriting and Spelling Book they can complete today's activity.

Monday's activity is the Continuous Cursive Handwriting Page. 

Please check for correct letter formation and size of letters. 



Phonics Play - Flashcards Time Challenge

Select Phase 3 sounds up to and including ure.

Play the game calling out the sounds you see.


Today we are practising reading sentences.

Play sentence substitution using the sentences - Mark fed the cat and The sheep are in the shed.

See how many different sentences you can make.

Play - Make a Match - Phase 3 - Week 4


Phonics Play - Play Flashcards Time Challenge

Select Phase 3 sounds, play the game calling out the sounds you see.

Play again adding any Phase 3 sounds your child finds tricky and Phase 5 sounds up to and including o_e.


Play Buried Treasure with the a_e sound.

Read the a_e sentences below.

LUNCH TIME (12:00 - 1:00)

Reading Time (1:00 - 1:30)

Read a story to your child.

Listen to your child read their reading book and keywords if they have any.

Please see Reception - Reading Page for more advice and resources.


For your Art and Topic lessons this week (Tuesday and Friday pm) we would like you to use your amazing creative skills to turn

an egg box into a representation of you (on the outside) with at least 6 things inside that tell people about who you are.


You can use whatever you like to turn the outside into your face - card, paint, paper mâché, felt, material, collage... - there are no limits.

The items inside can be objects you collect (eg from nature) or things you make (a mini football, a dog lead made from wool..)


If you don't have an egg box we have plenty in school that you are welcome to collect on your daily walk!! Good luck!